ESW is highly experienced in the undertaking of all your fencing requirements:

Post and Rail

For the ultimate rural finish, post and rail fencing has no substitute, Environmental South West can supply and install any length of fence in any environment. The number of rails can be matched to your budget and requirements as can the type of timber.

Garden Panels

Garden panels have always been a popular garden fence, offering privacy and preventing neighbouring animals from meeting each other. It is also childproof, even for the most determined! Environmental South West has a proven track record of installing such panels with either concrete or timber posts. The panels can be supplied in a variety of designs and a range of finishes.

Before choosing your style of fence, please consider the “Wind Factor”. Panel fencing is very susceptible to the forces of nature and will act as “sail” for those of you who live in windswept areas.


If you do live in a windy location, then Palisade fencing may be the fence for you. The vertical rails, separated by a constant gap will allow the wind to pass through without damaging the fence. This fence again, can be built to your own requirements as not only can you choose the height but also the width of the vertical rails. Palisade fencing will act as suitable boundary fence but will not prevent anyone from looking directly onto your property.

Hit and Miss

If you live in a windy location and require privacy, then hit and miss fencing could be the perfect option for you. With vertical rails fixed to either side of the fence, not only will you, the owner, be presented with a pleasant finish, but the fence will allow the wind to blow through without compromising your privacy or security. With Hit and Miss fencing the neighbour or passer by will not only be prevented from looking straight through into your garden or land, but they will also be unable to climb it.

Close Boarded

Close boarded fencing is a secure fence which will prevent those unwanted eyes from peering into your garden or estate. The fence can be built to your required height, although be warned, anything over 1.8m (6ft) will require planning permission!

Close boarded fencing is perfect for your garden as it is both stockproof and childproof. However, close boarded fencing is again not always suitable for those windy areas.

Chain link

Chain link fencing is often favoured by local councils when separating gardens or allotments. Environmental South West is experienced in supplying and installing such fencing.

Deer Fencing

Deer fencing is predominantly installed to Forestry Commission guidelines and specifications. Minimum fence heights are set out below:

Red 1.8 meters
Fallow 1.5 meters
Roe < 2.5ha 1.2 meters
Roe > 2.5ha 1.5 meters
Muntjac 1.5 meters

Materials used can either be bespoke to suit your own requirements or can be high tensile hinged joint deer netting or lightweight hexagonal mesh netting; mesh sizes can vary, but for Muntjac ESW prefers the use of 75mm x 75mm for humane reasons.

Security Fencing

As with our security gates ESW can supply and install a wide range of security fence. Palisade or mesh netting is most commonly requested. As stated above, all our team hold CRB or Military Security Clearances so you can have peace of mind that you will have a security fence installed by secure people.

Equestrian Fencing   

fence3 fence4 fence2


ESW has considerable experience in safe and secure fencing for the discerning equestrian user.

We are proud to offer the Ashridge Equestrian Fence which offers post and rail safety for equines linked with durability and strength to prevent the ingress or egress of cattle or sheep.