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Field Gates

We can supply and install any type of field gate to suit your needs, these can be either galvanised or a bespoke timber of your choice, all hardwood is sustainably sourced.



Pedestrian gates

ESW believes that all gates must meet the users needs, therefore ESW can provide and install a wide range of gates suitable for users including the disabled. The gates can be constructed from materials of your choice and can either be self-closing or not.

Equestrian Gates

Supplying and installing the correct type of gate to suit the equestrian user is a fine art and is one that ESW is both experienced and is proud to share with you. Through WECC, ESW is in direct and constant contact with The British Horse Society and therefore is able to design and install gates that satisfy the ever growing requirements of both horse and rider.

Ornamental Gates

ESW believes that entrances to your estate (regardless of its size) should reflect the tastes and style of its owner; therefore we are proud to be able to provide and install almost any style of gate which you require. Timber, steel or wrought iron gates can be sourced, complete with your family crest or initials if you so desire. These gates can be manually or electronically opened. Why stand in the rain opening your gates, when at a push of a button – they will open and close for you?

Deer Gates

ESW has an experienced record of supplying and installing gates in outer and inner deer fences. These gates have to be strong enough to withstand the tension of the deer fence itself and tall enough to prevent the deer from escaping. In doing this, it must not be forgotten that the gates must still allow ease of access for its users, therefore ESW can install H-Frame or Kissing gates that will cater for the needs of all users.

Security Gates

In today’s age, security is in everyone’s mind. To help put your mind at ease, Environmental South West can supply and install security gates for personal or commercial properties. All employees hold a current CRB or Military Security clearances.

Fixtures and Fittings

All gates come with a variety of fixtures and fittings which include equestrian friendly self-closing mechanisms.