Small Paddock Maintenance

ESW is proud to offer a comprehensive and affordable paddock maintenance service:


With our compact tractor and fertilizer, ESW can efficiently fertilize your paddocks for you.


Horses hooves, regardless of size tend to damage fields. Rolling in the spring will level out any unevenness and help to firm the ground up again, thereby reducing the risk of further damage and encouraging even grass growth. Rolling will also crush the grass crowns which will encourage the spreading of the plant and therefore will maximise limbiferous spring growth.


Harrowing is also traditionally carried out in the spring. The harrows rake the ground, dragging out weaker and dead grasses which will allow the air and light to penetrate, thereby encouraging healthier spring growth.

Ménage Grading

No matter how good your ménage surface is, it will shift and move causing shallow and deep spots for your horse or pony to work in. Shallow spots can give rise to concussion and deep spots can cause a muscle to be pulled or worse, a tendon. To reduce this risk, your outdoor or indoor ménage should be regularly graded. ESW can offer this service with either a compact tractor and grader for the larger ménages or a quad bike and grader for the smaller areas.

Fencing / Gates

ESW is highly experienced in the undertaking of all your fencing requirements. Click here to read more about our fencing services. ESW can also supply and install gates for all purposes. More information is available on the Gates page.

Ragwort Removal and Disposal

As we are sure that you are aware, the control of Ragwort comes under two Acts of Parliament; The Weeds Act 1959 and the Ragwort Act 2003. Under these laws government authorities can serve clearance notices to prevent the weed from spreading.

As The British Horse Society States in their leaflet “The Dangers of Ragwort”, this plant contains the toxin pyrrolizidine alkaloid which if consumed over a long period of time typically results in the delayed onset of chronic, progressive liver failure.

Environmental South West is licensed to transport and dispose of ragwort in an environmentally friendly and sustainably way. If you know or think that you may have ragwort then please feel free to contact us. We can provide a horticulturist to assess your situation and determine if the plant in question is in deed ragwort or St Johns Wort, a harmless plant which is frequently mistaken for ragwort and which is an offence under the +++++++ act to destroy.

Scrub Clearance

ESW can undertake all types of vegetation clearance regardless of terrain and acreage. Click here to find out more.


Topping paddocks is an excellent way of preventing weeds from going to seed and removes any stalk or unpalatable grasses and allowing fresh grass to spread.

Our compact tractor and topper can access small areas or places with awkward access.