Stiles and Steps

Environmental South West has proven experience in installing and maintaining stiles and steps to precise standards and in bespoke areas


All stiles are built to BS 5709 or can be bespoke to suit your landscape and requirements.

Our stiles are predominantly wooden, but for National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or for the discerning client, ESW can install stiles constructed purely of stone.   

Dog Gates

Stiles incorporating Dog Gates can also be installed and maintained.

Ladder Stiles

To enable the user to cross those ancient hedgerows, banks and stone walls, ESW can install bespoke ladder stiles. These can either be a simple “X” design, or have an integral raised platform, allowing the user to cross a protected or wide hedgerow, wall or bank with minimum impact and greater safety.

Hop Over Stiles

For a cost effective solution to crossing single strand barbwire or electric fences, hop over stiles can be installed.

Bespoke Stiles

Stiles can be designed and installed to suit your individual needs and requirements.