Vegetation Clearance

ESW can undertake all types of vegetation clearance regardless of terrain and acreage

Due to our strict environmental policy and sustainable outlook we do not offer a chemical spraying service. However, we are licensed for the removal, transportation and disposal of Senecio jacobaea (Ragwort).

Due to the use of a compact tractor and flail ESW prides itself on being able to effectively and efficiently clear all those tight areas such as woodland plantations, orchards and any type of Public Right of Way. Where the area is inaccessible or too small to accommodate such machinery ESW will clear any area with the use of brush cutters and hand-held tools. In sensitive areas such as game cover, ESW can deliver the service to the same standard without the use of mechanical aid. (See small Paddock maintenance)

Public Rights of Way are cut and cleared to the following minimum dimensions:

Public Footpaths 2 meters in width 2.5 meters in height
Public Bridleways 2.5 mieters in width 3 meters in height

Fire Breaks are cut and cleared to your own specifications.

Environmental South West prides itself on being able to provide a “Gold Standard” approach to the clearance of Public Rights of Way. All surface vegetation is cut back to actual groundlevel. We endeavour not to leave anything that could constitute a slip, trip or fall hazard for either humans or equines. All tree stumps are also reduced to ground level and are cut with a “dish” effect encouraging water to lie thereby accelerating the decomposition process. All Shrubs and hedgerows will be cut back to their available limits, which affords the user the ease to exercise their lawful right to pass and repass. The surface itself is also cleared of any cut vegetation which creates a “gold standard” path.